Increase Efficiency
Are you a Smart School? The best schools are using solutions to add value and efficiency to the services they offer. Private schools are a business just like any other, and must compete not only with other private schools, but with state schools that offer their services for free.
Develop a 360 degree view of departments across the school, to report accurate information to staff, students, teachers, parents, local education authorities and the government. Achieve institutional targets by monitoring results with real-time performance measurements. Less manual activities lead to faster, better decision making and more efficient communication.
Differentiate Your School
In this economic climate more parents are looking at their options and in some cases opting to educate their children in state schools. The pressure is growing on educational organisations to perform with the efficiency of businesses and differentiate themselves from competitors. Students personalised portals give access to various information such as class timetables, emails, exam timetables, exam results, campus announcements, library services and school news.
Manage Your Events
Manage events and trips such as open days, sports events, plays, parent’s evenings and teacher training days efficiently, including registration of attendees, booking accommodation, scheduling event tasks and handling payments.
Bridge the gap between you and your parents
Parents can view Ofsted reports and student reports online to keep track of school and student progress. Parents are able to reduce time when corresponding or raising issues with teachers. Having constant contact with parents is vitally important.
Hosted on the Microsoft Cloud or On Site
Vigence offer two deployment methods. Both deployment methods have their own benefits. On-Site is based at your company’s site, and managed by your own employees providing complete control over your entire Dynamics 365 environment. Hosted on the Microsoft Cloud is easy, quick, and affordable. This means no capital outlay and we can get you up and running in no time.


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