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Small Business

Small businesses most often compete in the same markets as larger, better resourced organisations. In addition to the ability and passion of the small business what often determines whether a small business will be successful is the ability to squeeze value out of every Pound spent.

Vigence understands small businesses’ needs are very different to its larger corporate clients and the approach, budgets and objectives must meet the exacting needs of small business in many areas.

Money spent on systems and IT solutions must be affordable, deliver the needed returns and the payment spread over the life of the solution rather than the business be saddled with large unbearable upfront costs.

When developing and implementing solutions for a small business it is vital to understand staff, managers and owners will perform many roles and will be limited in how much of their valuable time can be focused on the project work. Most of all managers and business owners should only have to focus on the business aspects rather than the technical components.

Training and appropriate support must for available when needed and factored in to the price so there no sudden spiralling costs that could impact the business.

Traditional business consulting methods often attempt to use complex project development methods which are not appropriate small business. Rigor and good project management control are still vital but should be the focused on the needs, skills and resources available to small businesses’.

Vigence developed Dynamics 365 and Office 365 solutions implemented with Vigence SME-CloudForce methodology deliver practical results by exploiting the features Office 365 and Dynamics 365 most applicable to small businesses with predictable costs.

Let Vigence help you accelerate your digital transformation to meet the changing needs of your customers and capture the new business opportunities of tomorrow.


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