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About Vigence

Vigence is a business and technology consulting organisation that delivers solutions that enhance your interaction with customers, partners and suppliers. Vigence helps clients build technology solutions that enhance your interactions with customers and partners, whether your business goal is to improve customer understanding, increase loyalty and retention, build incremental or new revenue streams, or realise cost savings.

Let Vigence help you accelerate your digital transformation to meet the changing needs of your customers and capture the new business opportunities of tomorrow.

thumbnail imageAll Vigence's solutions are implemented on a Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM can mean different things to different people. There is no right or wrong answer to any definition.

CRM solutions are brought in to businesses to help manage their interactions with their customers. Until recently only large organisations could afford CRM solutions.

That has all changed.

Small organisations can now implement CRM solutions that will give their customers a great experience whenever they interact with them. By standardising business processes you will make your business more efficient and proactive. This can include how your marketing team market to your customers, your sales team sell to your customers, your contracts team manage customer contracts, how you manage relationships with your customers' third parties, how your business handles complaints or general customer service enquiries, how your accounts team handle payments from your customers and absolutely anything else a customer could possibly require from you as a business. Standardising your business processes will make your business easier to manage.

Many of our competitors talk about CRM as if it is all about technology, but it is not. It's all about people, from your customers to your Business, from your staff to your customers, the things that make a business successful is your relationship with your customers. Having a good CRM solution in place will help achieve this.

Having access to your data from anywhere at anytime, is becoming more necessary as we become more mobile. Home workers will be able to enter and retrieve information without having to request it from colleagues in the office.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a number of key benefits including:

Customer Contact management

Sales Force Automation

Marketing and Campaign Tracking

Support and service desk capability

Business Intelligence and Reporting

Extendable and Custom Interface

Flexible Workflow and process automation


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