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Vigence, through its experience with its customers, has identified a number of business verticals who can use CRM solutions to make an immediate impact on the performance of their business.

These are listed below:

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Do you want to differentiate yourselves from your competitors? In Hospitality, the quality of your service will reflect on your success rates. With the help of Vigence we will enable your customers to enjoy doing business with you, from start to finish.


With customers having less disposable income, the best retailers are trying harder to differentiate themselves from their competition. By implementing a solution that will encourage customers to make their purchases with you, you will beat your competitors and surpass your sales targets.


Are you a smart school? The best schools are using solutions to add value and efficiency to the services they offer.

Is your Business Area not listed?

Vigence are always looking for new business verticals to develop solutions around. If your business vertical is not listed, contact us to find out how we can help.


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