Increase Sales
During the current economic climate your professionalism and efficiency will differentiate you from your competitors. Smart businesses in the hospitality market sector use solutions to differentiate themselves from their competition.
In hospitality, the quality of your service will reflect on your success rates. Exceeding your customers expectations will encourage retention and give an edge over your competitors.
Effective targeted marketing campaigns
Generate a realistic profile from customer history on the spending patterns of customers, allowing you to create consumer-centric marketing for increased loyalty and spending. Identifying customer needs accurately will enable you to understand their specific requirements. You will have the opportunity to create personalised marketing lists to send individualised messages regarding events or product launches as well as tickets, discount offers and special promotions and monthly newsletters. Implementing close loop marketing will enable you to easily see which campaigns were successful and which ones were not
Build customer loyalty
Developing closer relationships with customers increases business productivity and retain existing customers
Bridge the gap between you and your customer
Automate personalized thank-you, confirmation and cancellation messages for ticket and merchandise purchases and reservations Making a telephone or online reservation becomes easier and you will never double book a client as employees are able to see up-to-date availability of services
Hosted on the Microsoft Cloud or On Site
Vigence offer two deployment methods. Both deployment methods have their own benefits. On-Site is based at your company’s site, and managed by your own employees providing complete control over your entire Dynamics 365 environment. Hosted on the Microsoft Cloud is easy, quick and affordable. This means no capital outlay and we can get you up and running in no time


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